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Less time wrangling data...

Reliable & Flexible
Data Collection

Enjoy repeatable data collection. Start collecting data across multiple buildings, simultaneously. Onboard's software can be deployed in 3 ways: fully-containerized, by virtual machine or plug-in hardware.

Accessible Python SDK

No obscure programming language to learn. Implement Onboard's SDK and deploy your creations in an afternoon. We employ open-source Python API bindings, and we use Swagger | OpenAPI docs.

Effortless Data Filtering
& Labeling with AI

Eliminate the time, effort and cost of wrangling data into a unified model. Our award-winning HITL AI transforms messy data into an ontology compatible with BRICK & Haystack, and QUDT conversion.

Pipeline Health at a Glance

Monitor the performance of your data pipeline through our dashboard. Onboard is alerted to error or stale data points, and we reach out to ensure a timely resolution.

Build & Test Freely with High Performance, RESTful APIs

Stream data into your applications at any interval using our intuitive and highly available cloud APIs. Enjoy unlimited API requests and indefinite data storage, so you can focus on your products.

Security & Access Control

Our discovery software is built on Linux. You benefit from its industry leading security practices. We also provide granular access control via API keys and our webapp includes 2FA, including TOTP & WebAuthn.

More time building the future.

Pipeline & API

You save significant time, resources and headache, while also maintaining the quality and reliability of your data pipeline. You can now focus on what matters: coding new features or algorithms, listening to your users and fulfilling sales.

If you are an individual, startup or large business, this solution scales with your organization.

  • One API to connect to thousands of devices
  • Automated data modelling using AI
  • Pipeline health monitoring and alerting
  • Live customer and developer support

"We tried running our own network of IoT devices and were quickly overwhelmed by the complexity and time demands. With Onboard, we have access to an API layer for smart buildings we never thought possible, at a cost below what we could expect from doing it in-house. This frees us up to focus on our core business." - Christopher N., CEO

Scale Your Digital Creations

Tenant Experience

Help your users understand and improve indoor air quality, room temperatures and building occupancy.

Predictive Maintenance

Identify faulty equipment, predict time to failure or perform root cause analyses for your users.

Indoor Agriculture

Integrate existing lighting or HVAC sensors into your agricultural monitoring platform to ensure ideal grow conditions.


Provide more granular insight into your energy efficiency products, at the building and asset level.

Capital Planning

Perform asset benchmarking and allow your users to make data-driven decisions on new capital purchases or retrofits.

And much more...

It's our mission to help you change the future of our buildings today. Let us know what you're working on!

Monthly Tiered Pricing By Sensor Points

Our pricing is designed to help you scale your products and business,
while keeping data management predictable and affordable.


$0.06 /pt

Ideal for the individual software developer, consultant or researcher just starting to explore data from the built world.

  • Up to 1,000 pts
  • BACnet, Modbus
  • AI data transformation
  • Unlimited API requests
  • Health dashboard
  • Live building explorer

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$0.04 /pt

Ideal for new teams focused on deploying their products for the first time across a small portfolio of buildings, fast!

  • Up to 100,000 pts
  • BACNet, Modbus
  • AI data transformation
  • Unlimited API requests
  • Health dashboard
  • Live building explorer

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$0.03 /pt

Built for the growing business laser-focused on sales, while keeping data management predictable, efficient and affordable.

  • Up to 1,000,000 pts
  • Multiple protocols
  • AI data transformation
  • Unlimited API requests
  • Health dashboard
  • Live building explorer
  • Dedicated Support
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Ideal for the scaling business or enterprise connecting a global footprint of sites, across multiple stakeholders or applications.

  • 1,000,001 pts & Up
  • Custom integrations
  • AI data transformation
  • Unlimited API requests
  • Health dashboard
  • Live building explorer
  • Dedicated Support
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What Is Tiered Pricing? Your organization moves from one tier to the next based on sensor points on the platform. If you are in Hobby, as soon as your organization achieves 1.001 points your subsequent data points move to Seed Pricing, and so on.

Thank You to Our Supporters

Onboard has received multiple accolades and non-dilutive financial awards. We truly appreciate your support. You enable us to bootstrap our business, focus on helping our users and make a significant impact across the world's buildings!